Hobby programming projects

You can also check out the items in the drop-down menu for Projects in the navigation bar to see everything I have displayed on this site.  - Bill


My blog. Navbar menu items filter entries by category. Entries can be in multiple categories. Full CRUD operations available to logged in user with admin role. Data stored in Azure SQL.


This app uses the Google Charts API to produce data-analysis bar graphs and pie charts using the SQL data of all the significant rock shows I've seen.

Electoral Map

Interactive U.S. map that lets the user set the likelihood of each state voting for the Democratic or Republican presidential candidate. The map and drag-and-drop buttons at the top of the page remain in sync, and the page updates the electoral vote tally based on the user's input.

Other Games & Utilities

Assorted one-page apps that might be fun (Pong, Cribbage Board) or maybe useful (Dice, Scoreboard) depending on your needs. You can also get to these apps from the 'Games & Utilities' drop-down menu under the 'Projects' drop-down in the navbar.